5 Things to Do with Leftover Wrapping Paper

Christmas medallions

It’s Christmas, so you know what that means! Plenty of togetherness, a bunch of good cheer and lots and lots and lots of leftover wrapping paper! Of course, you could save it all for next year, but if you’re looking for a project to sustain you through the new year, we recommend one of the […]

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Home Improvement Addicts

stylish white living room

There are HGTV fans, and then there are HGTV superfans. If you know someone with the devotion of self-proclaimed Fixer Upper fan Jenna Bush Hager, then you’re going to need something a little bit more unique than a few gift certificates to Home Depot! Luckily, there are plenty of presents here to choose from! From […]

The “Peace on Earth” Guide to Holiday Decoration Safety

cat mesmerized by lights

Nothing puts you in the holiday spirit faster than a yard full of twinkling lights. But decorations come with their risks too! String lights can become a fire hazard if they’re not properly hung. And meanwhile, rooftop decorations pose some dangers of their own, especially if you’re not being safe when you put them up. […]

Find Art for Your Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Gallery Wall

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are just looking to change up your pad’s decor, art can have a huge impact. Nothing makes a home feel cozier or communicates that “lived-in” feeling quite like a wall full of carefully selected and curated pieces. But unless you have an artist in the family, […]

Winter Storm Preparedness Guide

a lonely house covered with snow

It’s 24 hours before the big storm is supposed to strike—is your home ready for the weather? Winter storms can bring extended power outages, and of course, may keep you homebound for a few days. And naturally, wind and ice pose a threat to your home and physical safety as well. Here’s what you need […]

Everything You Need for a Picture-Perfect Home Bar

A satisfied bartender

Love to get a few drinks out but hate the noise at your local sports bar? You’re not alone. Not every town is blessed with a genuine cocktail bar, but serious mixologists can get the experience all on their own with a custom home bar. Whether you want a classic cocktail experience, or just a […]

Winter Pest Removal the Humane Way

a mouse nibbling on peanuts

The internet has really changed how we view our fellow critters. After all, once you’ve seen a mouse having a tea party or shed real, honest-to-goodness tears over the story of these battle-scarred ants, you just can’t really treat them as hostile foes any more. Of course, you can’t exactly invite them into your home for […]

5 Wall Coverings that Aren’t Wallpaper

a map as wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way, but it still has its drawbacks. It goes out of style quickly, is hard to hang by yourself and difficult to repair when damaged. On the other hand, it can be a useful way to hide imperfections in your walls. After all, there are some blemishes that paint will […]

5 Important Water Heater Maintenance Steps You Might Have Missed

shower head

We all do a little bit better with some love and attention—and your water heater is no different! Water heaters perform a lot better with regular maintenance, but there may be some steps you’ve been overlooking. For instance, did you know you can reduce corrosion in your pipes just by turning the water temperature down […]

6 Household Hacks That Will Get Your Home Squared Away for the Holidays

wrapping Christmas gifts

Now that you’ve fixed enough turkey sandwiches for another year, it’s time to start thinking about the one holiday that really matters: Christmas. The pre-Christmas countdown is so intense, it’s essentially an extreme sport. There’s decorating to do, presents to buy and household chores to get done—all before the next round of relatives makes its […]

Everything You Need to Know About Storm Windows

snowy home in the woods

All across the US, it’s starting to get cold for real. And not thin-crust-of-frost-on-your-car-windshield cold. We’re talking serious, bone chilling frigidity. But if your home’s windows are starting to fail, you’ll be hard pressed to find comfort in the warmth of the indoors. But modern replacement windows can cost thousands of dollars when all is […]

8 Easy Eyesore Disguises for a Picture Perfect Home

beautiful, blemish-free home

No matter how much you love your house, there are probably one or two blemishes on your otherwise impeccable decor: ugly spots like tangled cords, trash bins and cat boxes and the like. While you can exactly live without them, you can hide unsightly devices, appliances and other areas, especially if you use one of […]

Turkey Day Scramble: How to Clean Up Fast Before the Big Day

Thanksgiving place setting

This is it: your last weekend to clean up before boatloads of relatives begin squeezing themselves into your kitchen, setting platters on every available inch of countertop and using enough toilet paper to cover a small army. In essence, you’re going to need to clean house before the horde descends. After all, you have enough […]

Project Thanksgiving: 6 Tips to Get Yourself Ready for Turkey Day Guests

Thanksgiving feast

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already just around the corner? Pretty soon your home will be infiltrated with guests, relatives and that one aunt who always has something to say about how you keep house! And there’s plenty to do before then. Besides food shopping and turning out dinner for 15, you’ll have to make […]

Get Winter-Ready in 7 Easy Steps

snowy house

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Whoever wrote those lyrics obviously wasn’t a homeowner! Winter snows may be picturesque, but they can do a number on your roof, sprinklers, and heating bills—at least if you’re not prepared, that is! Luckily, you aren’t powerless in the face of nature. These seven steps will […]

3 Projects to Modernize Your Historical Home

victorian home

Historical homes are a whole different animal when it comes to home maintenance. On one hand, if your older home has been properly cared for, many antique materials and fixtures may last much longer than those in modern homes. On the other hand, they may be in desperate need of repair, replacement or updating in […]

6 Household Items You Should Never Throw Away

old paint cans

There’s nothing like cleaning your garage or that “junk” room in your house. Suddenly you have enough space to park your car again, and you can finally see the bed in the spare bedroom! But as you clean out garages, junk drawers or utility rooms, you’re bound to come across some items that shouldn’t go […]

3 Plumbing Projects You Can Do By Yourself

black kitchen faucet

Plumbing can make you feel like a very accomplished DIYer indeed. After all, there’s nothing more satisfying that finally fixing that running toilet. That said, with plumbing projects, it’s easy to get in over your head. A few wrong turns of the wrench and you may need a raft to get out of the house. […]

4 Neglected Parts of Your Home That Could Use Some TLC This Weekend

a light shining on a basement pipe

Owning a home is a bit of a mystery, when you think about it. You have all these hidden systems working to keep you clean, safe, and comfortable—half of which you don’t really think about until they go out. It’s those hidden heroes we’re here to talk about today. Your sump pump, quietly lying in […]

How to Recognize 6 Common Contractor Scams—Before You Get Ripped Off

woman meeting with contractors

It’s hard enough settling on the right tile for the bathroom remodel or reaching a compromise with your significant other on the new cabinets for your kitchen. You don’t need to throw a shady contractor in the mix. While many contractors are honest, hardworking, upstanding citizens like you and me, the industry isn’t without its […]

Last Minute Halloween Decor We Love

spooky lady in front of fireplace

Confession time: We here at HomeBit love Halloween—there’s something about the spookiness and pageantry that really gets our motors revving. But we are terrible at it! Somehow, October just gets away from us and all the sudden it’s two nights before Halloween and we’re struggling to throw together last minute Halloween costumes (nothing like tearing […]

The Ultimate Smart Kitchen Showdown: Which Devices Are Worth It?

pot boiling on stove

Anything that makes kitchens more convenient is a welcome addition—which is what makes smart devices so enticing. These automated gadgets cut back on the time you spend slaving over the stove. They make complicated cookery a piece of cake, automatically producing sous vide entrees and the perfect cup of coffee without much interaction on your […]

4 Repairs Better Left to the Pros

hammer on board

So you watched a few DIY videos, and now you’re itching to test out your newly-learned skills? By all means, give it a whirl! Just make sure your experiments don’t include one of the four areas below. These kinds of projects are strictly for pros. Hands off, weekend warriors! Plumbing Small plumbing repairs are fine, […]

6 Trees and Shrubs You Can Plant Now for a Beautiful Spring

beautiful tree flowering

Fall is the perfect time for so many things: hayrides, pumpkin pie and…planting shrubs? Yeah, we’re still working on that last one. But it is true that autumn’s crisp temperatures and frequent moisture make it the best incubation period for young tree roots. Growing trees and shrubs can get used to their new location and […]

Your Ultimate Fall Maintenance Guide

kid playing with leaves

Anne of Green Gables once said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” But I’m guessing she never had to clean out any gutters. While October’s mild temperatures and gentle sunshine does make a person glad to be alive, those winter storms are just around the corner, bringing plenty of […]

5 Furniture Purchases You Won’t Regret Later

a dog sitting on a chair

Here at HomeBit, we’re not exactly furniture snobs. We’re no strangers to IKEA, after all. We’ve combed our fair share of estate sales, garage sales and flea markets. We’ve even picked up furniture off the curb. Hey, when the right piece calls to you, a homeowner’s gotta do what a homeowner’s gotta do! But sadly, […]

Celebrate Friday the 13th With These Spooky Home Decor Ideas

Halloween decorations

No one really agrees where the superstition around Friday the 13th came from, but almost everyone acknowledges that it’s the spookiest night of the year—especially when it occurs just two short weeks before Halloween! To get you in correct, eerie frame of mind, we’re picking out some of the creepiest Halloween decorations we can find. […]

Basic Home Repairs You Can Master in Minutes

making home repairs

When you think about it, we live in a golden age of DIY. Almost any questions you have can be answered in a matter of seconds, with a little help of Professor Google. Want to know how to screw in a light bulb? Yep, there’s a video for that. Never learned to use a hammer? […]

Pain-free Gutter Cleaning with These Fall Maintenance Shortcuts

fall leaves

There are probably a million other things you’d rather be doing than cleaning the gutters. Picking lint off a sweater, downloading a movie over slow internet, watching paint dry—all of these are more palatable alternatives to the back-breaking tedium that is gutter cleaning. Getting the gunk out of the gutters means climbing up on a […]

7 DIY Halloween Home Projects to Do This Weekend

creepy pumpkins and candles

What’s your Halloween style? Spooky and creepy? Cute and festive? Do you gravitate toward elaborate gothy Victorian decor? Or are you more into country harvest couture? Well, no matter how you prefer to deck your home, with the Halloween festivities at hand, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your taste through a few DIY […]

Making Sense of Your First Smart Home: How to “Level Up” with Home Automation

woman controlling smart TV with phone

On the surface, a smart home sounds great: automating annoying, repetitive tasks around the home? Saving money, electricity and improving efficiency? Sign us up! In reality, though, building your first smart home can be a pretty overwhelming challenge—especially if you don’t eat, sleep and breath technology. If you’re hoping purchase more than one device, you’ll […]

5 Tips to Buff Up a Builder-Grade Kitchen

unique kitchen

Plain kitchen cabinets. Blank, boring islands. Basic, unadorned walls. While it’s great to have a home with a brand-new kitchen, builder-grade models don’t exactly shine with their own unique personality. They’re sort of the Starbucks of home decor: reliable and dependable, but not exactly what you want when you’re looking for something special. But don’t […]

Brilliant Tips to Unstick a Stuck Window

pretty window in home

Now that the weather is finally starting to get nice again, it’s time to throw open the windows and…wait…one more try…put your back into it…okay, there it is. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not the only homeowner who’s had to put in a workout just to throw open their windows. But stuck windows are more […]

9 Germ-Conquering, Clutter-Defeating Ways to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

water flowing from kitchen sink

As much as we wish it weren’t true, sometimes the kitchen needs a good purge. Baked-on grease, dusty pantries and cluttered counters aren’t just unsightly—they’re unsanitary, too! And since no one has yet perfected the self-cleaning kitchen, it’s up to you—with the help of a little elbow grease—to get the job done. Here are some […]

5 Signs Your Hot Water Heater Is On Its Last Legs

woman showering

Nothing is worse than running out of hot water mid-shower. If you have a household full of teens, you know where that water went. If not? The culprit may lie in your hot water heater itself. Heaters only last into their teenage years themselves, so if you haven’t bought a new one since your kids […]

5 Home Maintenance Nightmares—And How to Prevent Them

ants on a board

What do you do when you can’t sleep? Count sheep? Watch TV? Use a relaxation technique? Or do you anxiously run through everything that could go wrong with your home? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s hard not to let your imagination run away with you. That drip in the sink? Could easily become a […]

A Bountiful Harvest of Fall Decor Ideas

couple enjoying a cozy fall day

Hello fall, and hello fresh new decor! The signs of autumn are all around us—leaves beginning to turn, pumpkin everything at the store—which means it’s high time you gave your home some autumn spice of its own. Accents like chic throws, quick candle crafts, and porchside creations offer a quick way to get a hit […]

Do You Really Need to Change Your Fridge Water Filter?

lemon water in the window sill

Ah, the fridge water filter. One of those pesky little nuisances that every homeowner—or at least every homeowner with a modern fridge—just has to deal with. Every four to six months, there it is, burning like a red, painful reminder of what you had planned for that $40 you now have to spend on filters. […]

7 Things You Might Not Know About Fall Lawn Care

grassy lawn

Fall is definitely well under way, but that’s no excuse to abandon your lawn. Your turf needs your attention at all times of the year, but especially now, when late season seeding, watering, and fertilization can mean the difference between a vigorous, healthy lawn and one that’s sick and spindly come spring. In particular, now […]

5 Homemade Burlap Accents for a Rustic Chic Fall

burlap mat

Did you see that leaf fall? Can you feel the tang of apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything in the air? Autumn has definitely arrived—in spirit, if not in any official capacity—which means for the next three months everyone will describe the air as “crisp” instead of “chilly” and you’ll get to trot out your softest, […]

10 Easy Tips to Winterize Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs

beach ball in a pool

Sure, the official beginning of fall is still a few weeks off, but it’s still autumn in all the ways that count. And if you’re anything like these fall lovers, you’re too busy contemplating your next pumpkin-spiced bev to be sad about bidding your pool farewell for another season. That said, closing a pool is […]

9 Essentials You Need in Your Home Repair Toolkit

assorted tools

Putting together your first toolkit is virtually a rite of passage, but it’s also a pretty smart way to cut back on costs around the home. With the right tool for the job, many small repairs can be handled with aplomb, saving you money on contractors. Most people acquire their tools piecemeal, adding a wrench […]

5 Projects Perfect for an Productive Three-Day-Weekend

sealing a fence

Some of us ponder the long weekend ahead and think, “ahhh, a chance to get in some primo R&R.” And some us clap our hands together, eagerly contemplating all the home projects we can get accomplished with that extra day. If you fall into that last category, this list is for you! Of course, there’s […]

Cookout Tips for the Ultimate Labor Day Shindig

cooking on the grill

We’re only a few short hours away from Labor Day weekend, and right about now is when the hours really start to crawl. In less than 48 hours, you’ll be fixing yourself your last margarita of the summer and lazing on the patio: your reward for a year spent toiling at your job. Chances are, […]

Insurance 411: What to Know When Shopping for Coverage

keys to a new home

Thinking about buying your first home? Get ready: you’re about to pack a whole lot of adulting into the span of just a few months. Creating a budget, raising your credit scores, applying for a mortgage—it’s like learning a new language. And sometimes in the excitement of it all, you can tend to overlook the […]

7 Elegant Ways to Use Textured Wallpaper in Your Home

Victorian-inspired interior

Not every Victorian trend deserves a comeback—the world is definitely not ready for a resurgence of hair jewelry, for instance. But when it came to decorating their walls, those Victorians definitely had their frilly, ornate ducks in a row. Textured wallpaper, which hails from those days chandeliers and carved fainting couches, has undergone a revival […]

Get a Safer Home in 10 Minutes With These Security Checks

big clock on the wall

Most of us don’t like to spend a lot of time obsessing about our home security. After all, there’s enough to worry about without adding a fire or a burglary into the mix. But as much as we’d like to forget all about it, security checks are an important part of your home maintenance routine—and […]

Your Back-to-School Home Maintenance Checklist

school bus on a shelf

Let’s be honest: every parent feels a slight twinge of relief knowing that the kids will be back in school soon. These “thank god it’s back to school time” tweets don’t write themselves, after all. But regardless of how you feel about the upcoming school year, your kid’s first day back serves as an important […]

Why I Started HomeBit

Seven years ago, my wife and I bought our first home in beautiful city of Austin. We were excited – after all, with our first kid on the way, this was going to be Our Home. We told ourselves we’d take care of everything that came with home ownership. With every little change we made […]

7 Space-Saving Hacks for Homes with No Storage

pantry with jars

Ever caught yourself browsing through the pages of a home decor magazine, wondering “how people manage to live in these spaces without stuff?” After all, once you’ve survived in a storage-deprived home, you begin to realize how no amount of Kondo-ing is ever going to get you to zero stuff. Whatever is left over has […]

Spot the Fraud: Signs You Need to Fire Your Contractor ASAP

lit lighter

Contractors don’t exactly have the best reputation. Search “contractor scams” and you’ll turn up loads of articles enumerating the latest contractor ploys. Nightmare contractor stories are about as numerous as the stars. For a business that deals with something so important—your home—home repairs sure do attract some shady characters. There are plenty of reasons why […]

Drought-Proof Your Home with These Clever Water Saving Tips

a woman catching water in her hands

We don’t mean to be a wet blanket here, but we could probably all stand to get a little more wise about our water consumption. Homes and lawns use thousands of gallons of water every month—and that’s only expected to get worse as the population grows. In fact, the Columbia Earth Institute says that somewhere […]

20 One-Hour Home Improvement Projects to Reclaim Your Weekends

a relaxing hammock

Hear that noise? It’s the sound of your weekend draining away! Somehow, those brief 48 hours never seem long enough—especially when you have a bunch of home improvement projects cluttering up your weekend to-do list. Spending all day at the home improvement store, watching a bunch of nonsensical YouTube videos, just to call a contractor […]

“Is My Grass Dead?” and Other End-of-Summer Home Questions Answered

the sun shining through a leaf

Hot, hot, and hotter: three words that describe mid-August weather. And like any kind of meteorological extreme, summer heat can do a number on your home and yard, leading to plenty of end-of-the-season maintenance questions. To help, we’ve compiled a list of frequent queries homeowners have this time of year—with answers, of course! You can […]

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