5 Homemade Burlap Accents for a Rustic Chic Fall

burlap mat

Did you see that leaf fall? Can you feel the tang of apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything in the air? Autumn has definitely arrived—in spirit, if not in any official capacity—which means for the next three months everyone will describe the air as “crisp” instead of “chilly” and you’ll get to trot out your softest, coziest sweaters.

Now, while we have nothing but good things to say about fall, its seasonal decor could use, well, a little help. The line between “rustic chic decor” and “cast-off scarecrow sweater from your fourth grade teacher” can be awfully thin sometimes. And burlap, everyone’s favorite fall fabric, is even easier to mess up—use just a little bit too much and suddenly everything in your home looks like the set of Green Acres.

To help, we put together this list of fashionable burlap decor that looks chic and celebratory—many are even DIY, to boot. That will give you plenty of spare cash left over for all those pumpkin spice lattes you have to drink!

burlap mat

Get Your Farmhouse Style On with Burlap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect way to experiment with a new style, and you can switch them out seasonally to keep things feeling festive all year long. There’s no fabric that captures that fall feeling quite like burlap. Plus it’s sturdy enough to set outside for a dose of autumn on your porch and patio as well. Throw them in a seating area around an outdoor fire pit and instantly raise the coziness quotient.

Or Make This DIY Roman Shade

When at home, do as the Romans and hang a Roman shade! These simple, minimalist window coverings are back in vogue after a long stint out-of-style. And since burlap is so affordable, you can easily sew one yourself for a fashionable alternative to store-bought shades. The beauty of a tutorial like this one from Sew a Fine Seam is that the finished product really lets you admire the simple variations in the fabric. It’s a great way to get rustic without going full-hoedown.

Greet the Season with a Burlap Wreath

An autumn-inspired wreath on the door gets you instant fall flavor—and says “welcome home” all in quick, easy-to-make dose. Even novice crafters are able to crank out whimsical, fun fall decorations with the help of this two-minute burlap wreath tutorial. Dress it up with some ribbons and mums and you’ll be all over this homemade crafting thing. Plus it will instantly signal to anyone walking through the door that your heart lies with fall, and fall alone.

Feel Fallish While You Eat with a Homemade Burlap Place Mat

A stylish and autumnal place setting is just a DIY away with these helpful burlap printing instructions from Two It Yourself. Use them to create a set of uber-unique place mats that will rival anything you can buy at Pottery Barn. If you’re new to fabric stenciling, you can use this guide from The Spruce to hit the ground running. You’ll be able to make all kinds of burlap accents, and your dinner guests will never guess that it all cost under $10!

Dress Up Your Table With This Tasseled Burlap Runner

Thanksgiving is pretty much peak fall, and it’ll be here closer than you think, so it’s never too early to start doing some planning. This handmade table runner from Sutton Place is practically dripping with fall charm and requires absolutely no sewing to make, earning it big ups in our book! Just imagine the turkey and all the fixings sitting on top of that. It practically makes your mouth water just thinking about it!

These projects should give you something to do on those cozy nights by the fire—in fact, there’s enough here to keep you busy all the way until peppermint mocha time. Until then, happy home decorating!

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