8 Easy Eyesore Disguises for a Picture Perfect Home

beautiful, blemish-free home

No matter how much you love your house, there are probably one or two blemishes on your otherwise impeccable decor: ugly spots like tangled cords, trash bins and cat boxes and the like. While you can exactly live without them, you can hide unsightly devices, appliances and other areas, especially if you use one of the clever disguises described below!

beautiful, blemish-free home

Hang Cafe Curtains to Hide a Window AC Unit

Your window unit may feel like a godsend on a hot day. But with its big, boxy frame, it’s certainly not going to win any design awards any time soon. We’ve got the perfect solution: hang a short, quaint cafe curtain over the window. Curtains made with sheer material won’t block the cool air, so you’ll get maximum chill with minimal cringe. Learn how to DIY a set here.

Install a Drawer Pullout for Your Trash and Recycling Bins

Ugh, trash bins. No matter how careful you are with your garbage, they’re not exactly what you want to see when you walk in the kitchen. Give your eyes a break with one of these pull-out trash cans. They fit right in the cabinet for easy refuse concealment.

Create a Popcorn Ceiling Disguise

One thing’s for sure: whoever decided that popcorn-textured ceilings looked good was definitely not thinking too far into future. This ubiquitous surface definitely had its heyday back in the 50s, but now it’s pretty much synonymous with outdated decor. Luckily, you’re not stuck with a ceiling you hate. You can remove or cover the surfaces for a whole new take on decor. Before you do anything, though, have the walls tested for asbestos—older popcorn ceilings were often made with this toxic substance. Once you get a clean bill of health, you can either have the ceiling scraped and resurfaced, or cover it with stylish wood planks or new drywall!

DIY a Charging Station in a Desk Drawer

Empty desk drawer or discrete charging station? Why not both! This handy hidey-hole keeps your devices powered without the clutter of fifteen different cords. And you can build one in any existing drawer—this helpful tutorial teaches you how!

Mask Unsightly Concrete Foundation with a Stone Veneer

No matter how great the outside of your home looks, dingy, grubby concrete foundation will cast a serious pallor on the whole motif. Concrete is a lightning rod for water stains, rust, moss and dirt, and often comes in a dull gray color, giving homes a rough, unfinished look. Instead, we love the idea of building a more attractive stone covering around your home’s exterior. Stone panels are easy to install by yourself and will provide an elegant finish from top to bottom!

Make a Custom Cover to Camouflage Cords and Routers

As much as we appreciate the marvels of modern technology, routers, cords and other internet paraphernalia are definitely built with efficiency in mind, not design. Thankfully, there are some clever ways to hide routers from sight, however. Turn them into a pleasing stack of books or pop them into a customized decorative box for a much more polished living room!

Build a Crafty Litter Box Cabinet from Scratch

We wouldn’t trade our cats for anything, but their litter? Well, that we could do without. If you’re tired of unsightly litter boxes in your bathroom, try this convenient kitty litter cabinet project. The tutorial teaches you how to build a handmade box from MDF board and glue, which you can then use to give the cat some privacy for his or her business. It even masks some of the odor, as well, a feature that’s more than welcome in any cat-dominated household.

Design a Discrete Storage Box to Hide Just About Anything You Want!

Whatever needs hiding, this box has got your back! It’s essentially the same concept as the router box above, except it stands upright so no one will have any idea that you have anything to hide. And that means you can cover up any number of household eyesores. And that’s just about as perfect as home decor is going to get!

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