A Bountiful Harvest of Fall Decor Ideas

couple enjoying a cozy fall day

Hello fall, and hello fresh new decor! The signs of autumn are all around us—leaves beginning to turn, pumpkin everything at the store—which means it’s high time you gave your home some autumn spice of its own. Accents like chic throws, quick candle crafts, and porchside creations offer a quick way to get a hit of autumn gold in your home, without completely rearranging your living room. Because the best decor changes aren’t permanent, here are several ways to capture the flavor of the season at home—at least until it’s time for holiday decor!

couple enjoying a cozy fall day

Toss a Cozy, Fallish Throw over Your Living Room Couch (and Put one in Out on the Porch, Too!)

Crisp autumn nights recall evenings snuggling under the coziest blankets, so a patterned throw captures the spirit of fall both in looks and in function, too. Plaid is the gold standard here; this pattern has country comfort written all over it. But for a more stylish option, try a rustic weave in fall colors, or an luxurious knit chenille for the ultimate autumn retreat. And make sure to put on out of the porch or back patio for some fall stargazing!

Create Some Fall Ambiance with These Homey DIY Scents

Candles definitely set the mood for fall, good for everything from some cold-weather cuddles to dinners with the family. In particular, we love these DIY scents from Chasing Foxes. Can’t wait to try the coffee-beans-and-french-vanilla-candle hack at home this fall!

Or Craft a Mason Jar Luminary for the Front Porch

Speaking of DIY candles, this homemade luminary has got that candlelight glow on lockdown. And it’s easy to make with this simple tutorial from Create, Craft, Love. One of these would look great in gold or burnt orange too, and would be the perfect way to light up the porch come jack-o-lantern season!

Learn How to Preserve Leaves and Open Up a Plethora of New Craft Projects

At its core, autumn is all about the leaf action (they do call it “fall,” after all). But leaves are so fragile! One minute they’re a lovely bouquet of fall color, the next, they’re dusty husks crumbling on your kitchen table. These leaf-preserving techniques will allow you to appreciate the honored guests of the season all year long. And then you can make something like this stylish leaf hanging! Score!

Decorate Your Porch in Haute Fall Style and Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Fall is prime porch season—the agreeable weather makes it a great time sit outside and drink in the scenery. But a truly beautiful porchscape requires a little more creativity than just scattering a few gourds and pumpkins here and there. In particular, we love fall porches decked with antique accents, like rocking chairs and rustic carts and wagon wheels or burlap touches like a DIY wreath on the door. Throw a couple of mums in a galvanized tub, and you’ll have a jaw-dropping design that will make you wish it was fall all year long!

Create a Classy, Chic Fall Centerpiece

Most of us love a good fall craft, but would be happier if said project didn’t wind up looking as though a glitter bomb had accidentally gone off on it. This chic fall centerpiece idea gets major bonus points for its Williams and Sonoma-influenced style. And it’s all made with things you can easily pick up at the crafting store. Now there’s something to toast to—preferable with a mug of something steaming and spiked with nutmeg!

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