The Ultimate Gift Guide for Home Improvement Addicts

There are HGTV fans, and then there are HGTV superfans. If you know someone with the devotion of self-proclaimed Fixer Upper fan Jenna Bush Hager, then you’re going to need something a little bit more unique than a few gift certificates to Home Depot! Luckily, there are plenty of presents here to choose from! From decorative planters to art subscription boxes, decor gifts are the ultimate in taste—and show that you’ve been paying attention to your friends’ aesthetics. Here are a few items that should be on every decor addict’s list.

stylish white living room

An Artisan Subscription Box

These days, there’s a subscription box for every interest, so why not have one for the home decor-obsessed? GlobeIn’s Artisan Box is a box for people who can’t get enough of handmade homegoods. Each themed box contains handmade goods from artisans and entrepreneurs around the world. From woven boxes to hand-thrown pottery, there’s enough here to keep any Anthropologie devotee busy for months upon months.

A Must-Have Picture-Hanging Tool

Art is a fast way to get a decor makeover. But hanging pictures all the time—at least, with any degree of precision—is annoying, to say the least. The hang-o-matic picture hanging tool can help with that. It has a ruler and a level, and includes a small anchor that you can use to mark your place. The only thing you have to provide is the pictures!

#Shiplap Tee Shirt

Anyone who’s watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper (or looked around on Pinterest for a hot minute) knows that decor addicts are in a love affair with shiplap. And even though everyone’s favorite couple-based DIY show has ended (tears!), their obsession with shiplap can live on and on with this emblazoned Shiplap shirt that will keep their aesthetic front and center—even when they’re away from home!

Living Wall Starter Set

The botanical trend isn’t likely to end anytime soon, which is exactly why we’re so in love with this hanging plant starter kit. Even black thumbs will enjoy hanging and planting with this modular vertical system. It comes complete with a drip tray to avoid any messes—which means their home can always looks like the pages of an interior design magazine.

Floating Nightstand

Speaking of things that hang on the wall, this floating bedside table is an absolute joy, especially in tiny spaces. Made from solid white oak and finished with Danish oil, this will definitely get your off your friend’s naughty list for life!

Why I Started HomeBit

Seven years ago, my wife and I bought our first home in beautiful city of Austin.

We were excited – after all, with our first kid on the way, this was going to be Our Home. We told ourselves we’d take care of everything that came with home ownership.

With every little change we made to the home (adding blinds, ceiling fans to the rooms that didn’t have them already, etc), we stashed the home improvement receipts away. Over the years, we ended up adding solar panels, changed out our thermostat to be “wi-fi”, swapped out outlets to support USB, and updated our light switches to be controllable via our smartphones or Alexa. All of these upgrades came with warranties which need proof-of-purchase receipts so we stored these away as well…I think. Are they in the kitchen drawer? The file cabinet? On my desk in the study?

I wondered why I couldn’t just save the receipts by taking a picture with my phone and then chuck the paper receipt.

After a few years of owning our home, I started getting a little confused about when to take care of routine maintenance items – simple things like changing the air filters I was forgetting to do. And I was wondering just what impact missing maintenance was having on the overall “health” of my home. Most cars have a notification system built right into the driver console – you know when to check your tire pressure, add more windshield wiper fluid, or change your oil because you’re notified that it’s time to take care of these sorts of things. But there really is no “check engine light” for the home. As a result, homeowners are forced to either learn through experience what goes into being a good homeowner or react to problems as they come up.

Seeing that there was no compelling app solving these sorts of problems (getting alerts when your home needs attention and conveniently saving receipts/warranties), I set out to build HomeBit with some great people I’d worked with in the past. Over a few iterations of the product, our mission became clearer: a mobile dashboard app for homeowners to manage their homes better.

To that end, we’re excited about enhancing the lives of homeowners through each new release of HomeBit. We’ve got an exciting roadmap of features and as as we roll these out, we’ll be sharing updates right here in the HomeBit blog. The easiest way to get notified of new release details is by following us on Twitter (@GetHomeBit) or liking us on Facebook.

While we have our own vision on what we think makes HomeBit a great app for homeowners, some of the best ideas come from our users like you. So feel free to send us a note and share your ideas – we’re all ears and we promise we’re listening!

-Roj (Founder/CEO, @niyogi)