Find Art for Your Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Gallery Wall

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are just looking to change up your pad’s decor, art can have a huge impact. Nothing makes a home feel cozier or communicates that “lived-in” feeling quite like a wall full of carefully selected and curated pieces.

But unless you have an artist in the family, finding art to hang on the walls can be challenging—and pretty tough on the wallet too. Large pieces regularly go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And that’s just not affordable when you need to fill up a lot of blank wall space in your home. Here are a couple of ideas you can use to score super-cheap wall art with tons of personality to spare.

Gallery Wall
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Make Your Own

Sure, not everyone has a budding Picasso in the house. But everyone can make something worthy of hanging on the wall. DIYing your own art doesn’t mean you have to spend years learning how to paint. It can be as straightforward as this easy wall stencil art or as simple as these do-it-yourself leaf silhouettes. Or try making one of these artistic world maps or these beautiful abstract pieces made with ink, alcohol and fire—yep, fire. It’s as much fun to make as it is to look at afterwards.

Dress Up a Thrift Store Painting

Thrift stores and garage sales can be a great source of cheap art—if you can find that diamond in the rough, that is. But more often than not, you’re left sorting through tacky knockoffs that look more like low-rent hotel decor than something you’d want to hang in your home. Dress up a less-than-stellar find with this DIY paint-by-numbers project or transform it into a background to display your favorite song lyrics. Now that looks good!

Turn Found Objects into a Wall Collage

Speaking of thrift stores, they’re the best spot to pick up a few unique finds—unusual kitchenware, instruments, antique machinery parts or vintage household items all make great ensembles for a wall collage. You can even pair them with framed pictures or photos for an eye-catching way to cover blank walls. Learn the basics of hanging collage gallery walls here.

Frame Pieces of Fabric or Wallpaper Scraps

You don’t necessarily need something flashy on the walls, though. Patterned fabrics or wallpaper can be lovely in their own right—especially when you pair contrasting styles of designs. Placed in a frame or stapled to a board, these can quickly fill a statement wall with cheap, budget-friendly hangings. They look super cute framed with embroidery hoops, too!

Hang One of These Free Printables

If you’ve got access to a home printer or print shop, you’ve got a free or next-to-free source of art in your home. Thanks to the generous folks in the online printables community, you can score tons of printable patterns and art—almost all of it for free. To start, check out these 35 printables, which cover everything from abstracts to typography and anything in between.

Get a Subscription

Let’s face it: sometimes you don’t have time for an elaborate DIY or a long shopping trip. But even busy people deserve to have some art in their homes! Art in a Box is a subscription service for your walls, offering monthly deliveries of decor from artists working in the Oakland, California area. Subscriptions start at $40 a month and run for three to twelve months. That’s a lot of art for a pretty small asking price! And you’ll be helping artists in the process—all while finally getting some color on your walls.

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