Last Minute Halloween Decor We Love

spooky lady in front of fireplace

Confession time: We here at HomeBit love Halloween—there’s something about the spookiness and pageantry that really gets our motors revving. But we are terrible at it! Somehow, October just gets away from us and all the sudden it’s two nights before Halloween and we’re struggling to throw together last minute Halloween costumes (nothing like tearing your closet apart for that wig you got at a bachelorette party last year).

And then there’s the matter of your house. Before you know it, it will be Halloween night and all the little ghosties and goblins will be prowling your driveway, looking for candy and trampling your roses. Do you really want to be the boring, unfestive house on the block?

Of course, you can’t exactly turn back time and make it two weeks ago. That conundrum is exactly what spurred us to scour the internet for the best—and fastest—decorations available. These super-speedy crafts will help you get some pumpkins on the porch without sacrificing a whole weekend to the cause. Read on for the full spook, I mean, scoop!

spooky lady in front of fireplace

Mummified Front Door

No one will wonder which house is the party house once you get this mummy decor up on your door. Toilet paper wrapping plus construction paper equals instant fun—if you dare to enter, that is! Get the 411 from East Coast Creative.

DIY Pumpkin Balloons

Nothing spells P-A-R-T-Y like B-A-L-L-O-O-N-S. Store-bought is fine, of course, but it doesn’t exactly have the flair a custom-made DIY. Orange balloons and some elementary-level art skills are all you need to make this Martha Stewart-approved craft come to life!

Drilled Pumpkin Decor

Have some new power tools you’re itching to try? Give them a whirl on these decorative pumpkins instead! Easy to make and super modern, these give plain old jack-o-lanterns a serious run for their money. Mix and match drill bits for unique patterning.

Construction Paper Bats

Black construction paper is a ghoul’s best friend this time of year—especially if you happen to be very bad at planning ahead. Just cut these out using the downloadable template and be about your merry way—or should we say scary way!

Ghastly Window Silhouettes

Speaking of construction paper, get a load of these spooky window decorations! Carefully cut silhouettes are sure to inspire nightmares, making your house one of the spookiest on your block. Find tons of inspiration for your window decorations here.

Crafty Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Good for tablescapes and doorways, these spray painted dryer vent pumpkins get our vote for being resourceful and home repair-centric. No one will even know you got your supplies from the hardware store. You can find the full DIY at Grillo Designs, in case you’re wondering what resourceful little witches dreamed up this project.

And with that, we’ll let you get to your decorating. After all, the witching hour is nigh upon us!

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