Last Minute Halloween Decor We Love

Confession time: We here at HomeBit love Halloween—there’s something about the spookiness and pageantry that really gets our motors revving. But we are terrible at it! Somehow, October just gets away from us and all the sudden it’s two nights before Halloween and we’re struggling to throw together last minute Halloween costumes (nothing like tearing your closet apart for that wig you got at a bachelorette party last year).

And then there’s the matter of your house. Before you know it, it will be Halloween night and all the little ghosties and goblins will be prowling your driveway, looking for candy and trampling your roses. Do you really want to be the boring, unfestive house on the block?

Of course, you can’t exactly turn back time and make it two weeks ago. That conundrum is exactly what spurred us to scour the internet for the best—and fastest—decorations available. These super-speedy crafts will help you get some pumpkins on the porch without sacrificing a whole weekend to the cause. Read on for the full spook, I mean, scoop!

spooky lady in front of fireplace

Mummified Front Door

No one will wonder which house is the party house once you get this mummy decor up on your door. Toilet paper wrapping plus construction paper equals instant fun—if you dare to enter, that is! Get the 411 from East Coast Creative.

DIY Pumpkin Balloons

Nothing spells P-A-R-T-Y like B-A-L-L-O-O-N-S. Store-bought is fine, of course, but it doesn’t exactly have the flair a custom-made DIY. Orange balloons and some elementary-level art skills are all you need to make this Martha Stewart-approved craft come to life!

Drilled Pumpkin Decor

Have some new power tools you’re itching to try? Give them a whirl on these decorative pumpkins instead! Easy to make and super modern, these give plain old jack-o-lanterns a serious run for their money. Mix and match drill bits for unique patterning.

Construction Paper Bats

Black construction paper is a ghoul’s best friend this time of year—especially if you happen to be very bad at planning ahead. Just cut these out using the downloadable template and be about your merry way—or should we say scary way!

Ghastly Window Silhouettes

Speaking of construction paper, get a load of these spooky window decorations! Carefully cut silhouettes are sure to inspire nightmares, making your house one of the spookiest on your block. Find tons of inspiration for your window decorations here.

Crafty Dryer Vent Pumpkins

Good for tablescapes and doorways, these spray painted dryer vent pumpkins get our vote for being resourceful and home repair-centric. No one will even know you got your supplies from the hardware store. You can find the full DIY at Grillo Designs, in case you’re wondering what resourceful little witches dreamed up this project.

And with that, we’ll let you get to your decorating. After all, the witching hour is nigh upon us!

Celebrate Friday the 13th With These Spooky Home Decor Ideas

No one really agrees where the superstition around Friday the 13th came from, but almost everyone acknowledges that it’s the spookiest night of the year—especially when it occurs just two short weeks before Halloween!

To get you in correct, eerie frame of mind, we’re picking out some of the creepiest Halloween decorations we can find. Be warned, though! These decorations are not for the faint of heart. What follows are not your regular old cutesy pumpkins and cornstalks. These are the kinds of adornments that will strike fear into the hearts of even your most lion-hearted neighbors! So abandon all hope, all ye who read this!

Halloween decorations

Get That Haunted House Atmosphere with This DIY Fog Machine

Half science experiment, half Halloween decor, this easy-to-build cold fusion fog chiller creates realistic, low-lying fog that looks like something you would definitely see hanging over a haunted crypt or cursed burial ground. This is probably the coolest thing you’ll do with a bucket in a long time!

Create a Spooky Technoverse with Glow-in-the-Dark Laundry Detergent

Here’s your DIY fact of the day: laundry detergent glows in the dark. It contains brightening agents that are supposed to make your “whites whiter” when exposed to UV light. In concentrated quantities, though, it’s the perfect fodder for completely washable ghoulish graffiti. All you need is a black light and you’ll be scaring people all night!

Strike a Pose In Front of This Eerie Skull Mirror

We’ve pretty much been phobic of mirrors ever since hearing about the Bloody Mary legend as little kids. This genius glowing skull mirror tutorial creates a ghastly ambiance just perfect for conjuring up some spirits—or just scaring the bejeezus out of that one friend who always freaks out about haunted houses. Perfect for a few unexpected thrills!

Make These Spine-Tingling Chicken Wire Lawn Ghosts

Steel yourself, because after you see one of these chilling wire ghosts floating in your lawn, you may not sleep for a few nights! This project takes a little perseverance, since you’ll have to keep bending and forming the wire until you have the right shape. But it will definitely be worth it when you seal your reputation as the scariest house on the block!

Hang Some of These Super Simple Spooky Eyes

Nothing could be easier than slapping together some of these DIY glowing eyes. Literally all it takes is a paper towel roll, some LED light sticks and some fishing wire. These make a great decoration for a particular dark spot on the porch. Just don’t be surprised if the trick-or-treaters start avoiding your address!

Trick Out Your Windows With These Cardboard Monsters

Here’s another resourceful DIY made out of things you can find in your home right now. Leftover cardboard, some tissue paper and your imagination are all you need to fashion this creepy homemade window adornment. As a bonus, it looks even eerier at night than it does during the day!

With decorations like these, you’re sure to be forever cemented in neighborhood lore. Best of luck to anyone who tries to top that next year!

7 DIY Halloween Home Projects to Do This Weekend

What’s your Halloween style? Spooky and creepy? Cute and festive? Do you gravitate toward elaborate gothy Victorian decor? Or are you more into country harvest couture? Well, no matter how you prefer to deck your home, with the Halloween festivities at hand, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to showcase your taste through a few DIY decorations.

We’ve scoured the Internet for the easiest, most stylish projects—the kinds of things you can whip up in a weekend or less. After all, on this, the most hallowed evening of ghoulery, there’s no such thing as going overboard. So pull out your crafting equipment and get ready for a maker bonanza that will soothe your Halloween-starved spirit!

creepy pumpkins and candles

This Glitzy, Glam Leaf Garland

Autumn leaves are basically nature’s way of freshening up the decor. And while that totally works for the outdoors, for your home, you may need something just a little bit sparklier! That’s why we recommend this shimmery, shiny homemade leaf garland. It’s everything you love about the fall with just a little hint of urban glamour.

These Ornate Candlesticks

If your personal style is best personified by Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice, you’ll love this next project. These gothy, baroque candlesticks have all the haunted qualities of an Edgar Allen Poe story—in the best way. They offer the perfect mood lighting for a little impromptu seance or a ghostly dinner party with a couple of your best ghoul pals.

A Set of Picture-Perfect Pumpkins

Carving a pumpkin is a time-honored October tradition. Unfortunately, it’s also messy, slimy and time-consuming. If you’re looking for an easier, chic-er alternative to the conventional jack-o-lantern, consider these high-class painted pumpkins instead. There’s literally no end to the amount of patterns you can try!

An Eerie, Floating Witches Hat Luminary

Luminaries are usually reserved for other holidays, but these light-up witches hats are eerie and awesome. All you need is some fishing line, a few costume hats, and some LED glow sticks, and you’re set. It’s enough to bring out the inner witch in all of us!

Or This Creepy, Crawly Eyeball Wreath

A wreath on the door is a wonderful way to add a touch of the season to your front entryway. But this ghoulish eyeball specimen will definitely clarify your stance on Halloween decor: that is, go spooky or go home!

Set the Scene with These DIY Decals

Maybe it’s just a trick of the light—or maybe it’s the garageful of hair-raising decals you just just slapped together! Armed with a sheet of adhesive vinyl and your imagination, you can make all your most dreadful nightmares come alive, in the form of these chillingly classy silhouettes!

Go Vintage Goth with This Printable Fabric Art

If you salivated over the pictures in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children or couldn’t get enough of the outfits in Spooky Hollow, then this next tutorial is for you. With these creepy, antique printables, hung in crafty embroidery hoops, you can get some truly frightening wall decor for a very tight budget. Miss Peregrine would be proud of your ingenuity!

If you liked those, follow us for more Halloween tips throughout the month! Until then, keep it spooky!