The Ultimate Gift Guide for Home Improvement Addicts

There are HGTV fans, and then there are HGTV superfans. If you know someone with the devotion of self-proclaimed Fixer Upper fan Jenna Bush Hager, then you’re going to need something a little bit more unique than a few gift certificates to Home Depot! Luckily, there are plenty of presents here to choose from! From decorative planters to art subscription boxes, decor gifts are the ultimate in taste—and show that you’ve been paying attention to your friends’ aesthetics. Here are a few items that should be on every decor addict’s list.

stylish white living room

An Artisan Subscription Box

These days, there’s a subscription box for every interest, so why not have one for the home decor-obsessed? GlobeIn’s Artisan Box is a box for people who can’t get enough of handmade homegoods. Each themed box contains handmade goods from artisans and entrepreneurs around the world. From woven boxes to hand-thrown pottery, there’s enough here to keep any Anthropologie devotee busy for months upon months.

A Must-Have Picture-Hanging Tool

Art is a fast way to get a decor makeover. But hanging pictures all the time—at least, with any degree of precision—is annoying, to say the least. The hang-o-matic picture hanging tool can help with that. It has a ruler and a level, and includes a small anchor that you can use to mark your place. The only thing you have to provide is the pictures!

#Shiplap Tee Shirt

Anyone who’s watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper (or looked around on Pinterest for a hot minute) knows that decor addicts are in a love affair with shiplap. And even though everyone’s favorite couple-based DIY show has ended (tears!), their obsession with shiplap can live on and on with this emblazoned Shiplap shirt that will keep their aesthetic front and center—even when they’re away from home!

Living Wall Starter Set

The botanical trend isn’t likely to end anytime soon, which is exactly why we’re so in love with this hanging plant starter kit. Even black thumbs will enjoy hanging and planting with this modular vertical system. It comes complete with a drip tray to avoid any messes—which means their home can always looks like the pages of an interior design magazine.

Floating Nightstand

Speaking of things that hang on the wall, this floating bedside table is an absolute joy, especially in tiny spaces. Made from solid white oak and finished with Danish oil, this will definitely get your off your friend’s naughty list for life!

Find Art for Your Home Without Blowing Your Budget

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are just looking to change up your pad’s decor, art can have a huge impact. Nothing makes a home feel cozier or communicates that “lived-in” feeling quite like a wall full of carefully selected and curated pieces.

But unless you have an artist in the family, finding art to hang on the walls can be challenging—and pretty tough on the wallet too. Large pieces regularly go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And that’s just not affordable when you need to fill up a lot of blank wall space in your home. Here are a couple of ideas you can use to score super-cheap wall art with tons of personality to spare.

Gallery Wall
Via DIY Joy

Make Your Own

Sure, not everyone has a budding Picasso in the house. But everyone can make something worthy of hanging on the wall. DIYing your own art doesn’t mean you have to spend years learning how to paint. It can be as straightforward as this easy wall stencil art or as simple as these do-it-yourself leaf silhouettes. Or try making one of these artistic world maps or these beautiful abstract pieces made with ink, alcohol and fire—yep, fire. It’s as much fun to make as it is to look at afterwards.

Dress Up a Thrift Store Painting

Thrift stores and garage sales can be a great source of cheap art—if you can find that diamond in the rough, that is. But more often than not, you’re left sorting through tacky knockoffs that look more like low-rent hotel decor than something you’d want to hang in your home. Dress up a less-than-stellar find with this DIY paint-by-numbers project or transform it into a background to display your favorite song lyrics. Now that looks good!

Turn Found Objects into a Wall Collage

Speaking of thrift stores, they’re the best spot to pick up a few unique finds—unusual kitchenware, instruments, antique machinery parts or vintage household items all make great ensembles for a wall collage. You can even pair them with framed pictures or photos for an eye-catching way to cover blank walls. Learn the basics of hanging collage gallery walls here.

Frame Pieces of Fabric or Wallpaper Scraps

You don’t necessarily need something flashy on the walls, though. Patterned fabrics or wallpaper can be lovely in their own right—especially when you pair contrasting styles of designs. Placed in a frame or stapled to a board, these can quickly fill a statement wall with cheap, budget-friendly hangings. They look super cute framed with embroidery hoops, too!

Hang One of These Free Printables

If you’ve got access to a home printer or print shop, you’ve got a free or next-to-free source of art in your home. Thanks to the generous folks in the online printables community, you can score tons of printable patterns and art—almost all of it for free. To start, check out these 35 printables, which cover everything from abstracts to typography and anything in between.

Get a Subscription

Let’s face it: sometimes you don’t have time for an elaborate DIY or a long shopping trip. But even busy people deserve to have some art in their homes! Art in a Box is a subscription service for your walls, offering monthly deliveries of decor from artists working in the Oakland, California area. Subscriptions start at $40 a month and run for three to twelve months. That’s a lot of art for a pretty small asking price! And you’ll be helping artists in the process—all while finally getting some color on your walls.

5 Wall Coverings that Aren’t Wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way, but it still has its drawbacks. It goes out of style quickly, is hard to hang by yourself and difficult to repair when damaged. On the other hand, it can be a useful way to hide imperfections in your walls. After all, there are some blemishes that paint will only exaggerate.

But some of us are just not wallpaper people. Just thinking about that sticky paper makes you feel frustrated. If you identify with that last statement, you’ll be happy to hear that you have plenty of options. Enough alternative wall coverings exist to suit any taste. From cork tiles to DIY map wallpaper, there’s something for everyone, so read on to find your next look!

a map as wallpaper

Bamboo Paneling

It’s not just for the tiki bar anymore! When done right, bamboo paneling can make for a chic and sophisticated statement wall—or any kind of wall, really. And bamboo is especially forgiving on uneven walls and damaged surfaces. You can also use engineered bamboo planks (read: bamboo flooring) for walls as well, which allows for any number of stains, dyes and patterns. And because bamboo grows quickly, it’s a lot more eco-friendly than wood!

Cork Tiles

Of course, when you decide not to use conventional wall coverings, you’re probably looking for something just a little bit quirky. Cork wall tiles have beautiful, warm geometric patterns that allow you to appreciate the beauty of natural wood. And like bamboo, they’re much gentler on the world’s forests than wood planks. Try them in a room that could use some soundproofing—the soft texture of cork gives it great insulating qualities.


A space shouldn’t just feel comfortable—ideally, it should be an expression of who you are as a person. And there’s nothing more personal than your travel memories—whether they’re ones from past trips or ones you hope to make in the future! This tutorial from Yankee Magazine teaches you everything you need to know to DIY your own.

Book Pages

If you’re more into armchair traveling than anything that requires actually leaving your home, you might appreciate this next idea. Buy an extra copy of your favorite book, and use the pages to paper your walls. It works just like the map idea—except you’ll get read an excerpt of your favorite novel every night before drifting off to bed. Try with an older book for that extra vintage look.

Starched Fabric

Every browsed through a fabric store and thought, “gee, I really wish I could have that on my walls”? Well, now you can. Liquid starch and fabric is a great solution for getting any lightweight cotton fabric on the walls—Apartment Therapy walks you through the full technique here. Best of all, it’s a lot less permanent than wallpaper. In fact, you can remove it just by wetting the wall and peeling the fabric off. It’s basically commitment-free! Decorating won’t have you climbing the walls anymore!

8 Easy Eyesore Disguises for a Picture Perfect Home

No matter how much you love your house, there are probably one or two blemishes on your otherwise impeccable decor: ugly spots like tangled cords, trash bins and cat boxes and the like. While you can exactly live without them, you can hide unsightly devices, appliances and other areas, especially if you use one of the clever disguises described below!

beautiful, blemish-free home

Hang Cafe Curtains to Hide a Window AC Unit

Your window unit may feel like a godsend on a hot day. But with its big, boxy frame, it’s certainly not going to win any design awards any time soon. We’ve got the perfect solution: hang a short, quaint cafe curtain over the window. Curtains made with sheer material won’t block the cool air, so you’ll get maximum chill with minimal cringe. Learn how to DIY a set here.

Install a Drawer Pullout for Your Trash and Recycling Bins

Ugh, trash bins. No matter how careful you are with your garbage, they’re not exactly what you want to see when you walk in the kitchen. Give your eyes a break with one of these pull-out trash cans. They fit right in the cabinet for easy refuse concealment.

Create a Popcorn Ceiling Disguise

One thing’s for sure: whoever decided that popcorn-textured ceilings looked good was definitely not thinking too far into future. This ubiquitous surface definitely had its heyday back in the 50s, but now it’s pretty much synonymous with outdated decor. Luckily, you’re not stuck with a ceiling you hate. You can remove or cover the surfaces for a whole new take on decor. Before you do anything, though, have the walls tested for asbestos—older popcorn ceilings were often made with this toxic substance. Once you get a clean bill of health, you can either have the ceiling scraped and resurfaced, or cover it with stylish wood planks or new drywall!

DIY a Charging Station in a Desk Drawer

Empty desk drawer or discrete charging station? Why not both! This handy hidey-hole keeps your devices powered without the clutter of fifteen different cords. And you can build one in any existing drawer—this helpful tutorial teaches you how!

Mask Unsightly Concrete Foundation with a Stone Veneer

No matter how great the outside of your home looks, dingy, grubby concrete foundation will cast a serious pallor on the whole motif. Concrete is a lightning rod for water stains, rust, moss and dirt, and often comes in a dull gray color, giving homes a rough, unfinished look. Instead, we love the idea of building a more attractive stone covering around your home’s exterior. Stone panels are easy to install by yourself and will provide an elegant finish from top to bottom!

Make a Custom Cover to Camouflage Cords and Routers

As much as we appreciate the marvels of modern technology, routers, cords and other internet paraphernalia are definitely built with efficiency in mind, not design. Thankfully, there are some clever ways to hide routers from sight, however. Turn them into a pleasing stack of books or pop them into a customized decorative box for a much more polished living room!

Build a Crafty Litter Box Cabinet from Scratch

We wouldn’t trade our cats for anything, but their litter? Well, that we could do without. If you’re tired of unsightly litter boxes in your bathroom, try this convenient kitty litter cabinet project. The tutorial teaches you how to build a handmade box from MDF board and glue, which you can then use to give the cat some privacy for his or her business. It even masks some of the odor, as well, a feature that’s more than welcome in any cat-dominated household.

Design a Discrete Storage Box to Hide Just About Anything You Want!

Whatever needs hiding, this box has got your back! It’s essentially the same concept as the router box above, except it stands upright so no one will have any idea that you have anything to hide. And that means you can cover up any number of household eyesores. And that’s just about as perfect as home decor is going to get!

5 Furniture Purchases You Won’t Regret Later

Here at HomeBit, we’re not exactly furniture snobs. We’re no strangers to IKEA, after all. We’ve combed our fair share of estate sales, garage sales and flea markets. We’ve even picked up furniture off the curb. Hey, when the right piece calls to you, a homeowner’s gotta do what a homeowner’s gotta do!

But sadly, a lot of furniture is just not made to last. After a few years of wear-and-tear—and a couple of moves, to boot—it starts looking like the kind of stuff you’d find in a frat house or a dorm. Not fit for a grownup sophisticated home like yours!

Particle board, glued joints and other furniture shortcuts significantly reduce its lifespan. In fact, it’s downright hard to buy good quality furniture at reasonable prices. When can you get by with a cheaper option, and when should you spring for something a little ritzier? What are the best furniture brands for the money?

In truth, it’s all a matter of learning about furniture construction—and being able to tell the difference between a quality piece and a slapdash factory ensemble. Here are five things to look for, for pieces you won’t have to toss in the trash a few years from now.

a dog sitting on a chair

Cabinets and Drawers That Don’t Make Your Life Miserable

Drawers should be easy to open. That may sound overly simple, but the alignment of drawers is one of the surest tip offs that a piece of furniture is made well. When buying bureaus, cabinets or dressers, test the drawers and doors first. Drawers should open smoothly and shouldn’t slide off the rails. Doors should stay open, not snap shut after you let go of the handle. After all, you don’t have time for these kinds of little nuisances in your life!

Anything with Wood Joinery

Modern furniture manufacturers love to use staples and glue to join pieces together. Sure, this might drive down costs, but it also means those kitchen chairs aren’t destined to seat your family for years to come. Always look at the corners, especially where two pieces of wood come together. Known as joinery, this classic woodworking technique makes for a much sturdier piece—one that will survive babies, board games and Thanksgiving dinners with aplomb.

Pieces with Timeless Styles and Profiles

Remember what you thought was cool 20 years ago? (Here’s a little refresher from Vogue in case you’ve forgotten.) Amazon was just launching. Windows ’95 was the hottest computer OS around. Needless to say, things have changed—not least of all your furniture. Home decor is subject to trends just like fashion, so if you want to buy something you can keep around for a while, go for timeless, understated colors and shapes. Minimalist mid-century modern living room ensembles, classic shaker pieces—anything that’s stood the test of time for a while. And skip the bold color schemes. You can always add a few trendy pillows and throws later to give it a dash of personality!

Upholstery That Won’t Sag

We’ve all had that sinking feeling: you sit down and suddenly realize your knees are way up around your nose! Cheap upholstered furniture goes flat over time, leaving you with a serious case of sagging sofa. To fight it, look for furniture with at least a 1.8 foam density. And don’t be afraid to take it for a little test drive first. Sit down and test the spring. Feel the arms and back with your hands. You’re looking for something with a good bounce, where you don’t feel the frame when you squeeze the arms. Something that will give you a little padding for the years in front of you!

Items from Brands with Great Guarantees

Let’s face it: when it comes to furniture, some brands are just a better buy. If you really want to eschew regret, make sure to research product reviews before buying—and even catch up with the company’s reputation on Consumer Reports. And don’t feel pressured by sales or clearance events. Experts reveal that the prices in big box furniture stores aren’t fixed, meaning that you can usually negotiate a deal if you’re willing to hash it out with the sales team. Additionally, if longevity is truly your endgame, the website Buy Me Once lists brands that are known for their long lifespan or lifetime guarantees. Not having to buy all new furniture for your home every five years? Now that’s worth every minute spent researching!

5 Tips to Buff Up a Builder-Grade Kitchen

Plain kitchen cabinets. Blank, boring islands. Basic, unadorned walls. While it’s great to have a home with a brand-new kitchen, builder-grade models don’t exactly shine with their own unique personality. They’re sort of the Starbucks of home decor: reliable and dependable, but not exactly what you want when you’re looking for something special.

But don’t let make that think your only two options are tear it down or settle for blah home decor. Some small renovations will do a lot to imbue your kitchen when your own personal taste—without a hefty loan or nerve-wracking remodel to deal with. Here are a couple of (easy) ways you can upgrade yours with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic that’s as unique as you are!

unique kitchen

Dress Up the Cabinets

A little cabinet reno will go a long way to reflect your own individual charm. And the absolute easiest way to do so is to install new hardware. Even something simple like stainless steel pulls or uber-stylish polished nickel drop handles will add a lot of polish and verve to bare-bones kitchen decor.

Looking for a more radical change? Paint is your best friend then! Cabinets redone in stylish hues, like warm, creamy gray or dramatic blacks, dark grays and navy blues add a personalized pop to kitchens large and small. Dark colors work especially well in kitchens with limited natural light; the deep, dramatic tones add an unexpected aura of mystery to well-trod kitchen decor.

Add an Easy-to-Install Backsplash

Everyone knows a backsplash is a great way to put a little pep in your kitchen walls. What you may not know, however, is how easily you can get one—with no expensive tile or messy caulk to deal with.

Peel-and-stick ceramics, stone veneers or even just some good old fashioned paint and a stencil offers a fast and affordable solution that you can have done in a weekend. Some homeowners even add functional flair by using chalkboard paint for their backsplashes. It’s as gorgeous as it is useful!

Give Lighting a Quick Upgrade

We know what you’re thinking. Repainting is one thing. But electrical work? A whole different can of worms. But swapping out a light fixture for something more custom can make a huge impact in your home—and it’s easy to do, once you know how.

Take a moment to review your wiring before you buy a new fixture. If your home was built before 1985, it’s possible the wiring won’t be able to handle the heat generated by newer fixtures. These fixtures will carry this warning: “use wire rated for at least 90 degrees C.” So if your wiring is older, it may limit your choices for new lights. You’ll also want to make sure you shut off your home’s power before performing any wiring work. Next, you’ll remove the old fixture and follow the steps provided by Lowe’s to install the new one in its place. Voila! Instant upgrade!

Paint the Walls in a Dramatic Hue

High-drama walls have made a real splash in the kitchen, a room usually reserved for warm, homey colors and hues. If you’re looking for something eye-catching, novel and refined, you may want to think about having a look at those walls.

Dark, striking hues like charcoal, cobalt or slate allow you to put your own unique stamp on kitchen surfaces—and make the perfect canvas for unexpected accent colors, like lime green, saffron or crimson. One look at your new kitchen and you’ll be in love!

Personalize Your Counters

An ugly countertop can really dampen your desire to be in your kitchen. And sadly, so many builder-grade counters fall into that category: boring neutrals, unflashy granite—or worst of all, laminate—are all commonly found gracing builder home counters. And none of them really says, “welcome home!”

However, there are ways to hide bland counters without a complete redux. Again, the easiest route is with a paint job. Rust-oleum offers a kit that allows you to add a textured coating (and new color) to the surface, or you can just go with regular latex paint covered with a topcoat. The final result will be your own unique take on countertop couture—and if you don’t like it, you can just cover it up and start again. Remember, the best decor choices are reversible!

A Bountiful Harvest of Fall Decor Ideas

Hello fall, and hello fresh new decor! The signs of autumn are all around us—leaves beginning to turn, pumpkin everything at the store—which means it’s high time you gave your home some autumn spice of its own. Accents like chic throws, quick candle crafts, and porchside creations offer a quick way to get a hit of autumn gold in your home, without completely rearranging your living room. Because the best decor changes aren’t permanent, here are several ways to capture the flavor of the season at home—at least until it’s time for holiday decor!

couple enjoying a cozy fall day

Toss a Cozy, Fallish Throw over Your Living Room Couch (and Put one in Out on the Porch, Too!)

Crisp autumn nights recall evenings snuggling under the coziest blankets, so a patterned throw captures the spirit of fall both in looks and in function, too. Plaid is the gold standard here; this pattern has country comfort written all over it. But for a more stylish option, try a rustic weave in fall colors, or an luxurious knit chenille for the ultimate autumn retreat. And make sure to put on out of the porch or back patio for some fall stargazing!

Create Some Fall Ambiance with These Homey DIY Scents

Candles definitely set the mood for fall, good for everything from some cold-weather cuddles to dinners with the family. In particular, we love these DIY scents from Chasing Foxes. Can’t wait to try the coffee-beans-and-french-vanilla-candle hack at home this fall!

Or Craft a Mason Jar Luminary for the Front Porch

Speaking of DIY candles, this homemade luminary has got that candlelight glow on lockdown. And it’s easy to make with this simple tutorial from Create, Craft, Love. One of these would look great in gold or burnt orange too, and would be the perfect way to light up the porch come jack-o-lantern season!

Learn How to Preserve Leaves and Open Up a Plethora of New Craft Projects

At its core, autumn is all about the leaf action (they do call it “fall,” after all). But leaves are so fragile! One minute they’re a lovely bouquet of fall color, the next, they’re dusty husks crumbling on your kitchen table. These leaf-preserving techniques will allow you to appreciate the honored guests of the season all year long. And then you can make something like this stylish leaf hanging! Score!

Decorate Your Porch in Haute Fall Style and Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Fall is prime porch season—the agreeable weather makes it a great time sit outside and drink in the scenery. But a truly beautiful porchscape requires a little more creativity than just scattering a few gourds and pumpkins here and there. In particular, we love fall porches decked with antique accents, like rocking chairs and rustic carts and wagon wheels or burlap touches like a DIY wreath on the door. Throw a couple of mums in a galvanized tub, and you’ll have a jaw-dropping design that will make you wish it was fall all year long!

Create a Classy, Chic Fall Centerpiece

Most of us love a good fall craft, but would be happier if said project didn’t wind up looking as though a glitter bomb had accidentally gone off on it. This chic fall centerpiece idea gets major bonus points for its Williams and Sonoma-influenced style. And it’s all made with things you can easily pick up at the crafting store. Now there’s something to toast to—preferable with a mug of something steaming and spiked with nutmeg!

5 Homemade Burlap Accents for a Rustic Chic Fall

Did you see that leaf fall? Can you feel the tang of apple cider and pumpkin-flavored everything in the air? Autumn has definitely arrived—in spirit, if not in any official capacity—which means for the next three months everyone will describe the air as “crisp” instead of “chilly” and you’ll get to trot out your softest, coziest sweaters.

Now, while we have nothing but good things to say about fall, its seasonal decor could use, well, a little help. The line between “rustic chic decor” and “cast-off scarecrow sweater from your fourth grade teacher” can be awfully thin sometimes. And burlap, everyone’s favorite fall fabric, is even easier to mess up—use just a little bit too much and suddenly everything in your home looks like the set of Green Acres.

To help, we put together this list of fashionable burlap decor that looks chic and celebratory—many are even DIY, to boot. That will give you plenty of spare cash left over for all those pumpkin spice lattes you have to drink!

burlap mat

Get Your Farmhouse Style On with Burlap Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the perfect way to experiment with a new style, and you can switch them out seasonally to keep things feeling festive all year long. There’s no fabric that captures that fall feeling quite like burlap. Plus it’s sturdy enough to set outside for a dose of autumn on your porch and patio as well. Throw them in a seating area around an outdoor fire pit and instantly raise the coziness quotient.

Or Make This DIY Roman Shade

When at home, do as the Romans and hang a Roman shade! These simple, minimalist window coverings are back in vogue after a long stint out-of-style. And since burlap is so affordable, you can easily sew one yourself for a fashionable alternative to store-bought shades. The beauty of a tutorial like this one from Sew a Fine Seam is that the finished product really lets you admire the simple variations in the fabric. It’s a great way to get rustic without going full-hoedown.

Greet the Season with a Burlap Wreath

An autumn-inspired wreath on the door gets you instant fall flavor—and says “welcome home” all in quick, easy-to-make dose. Even novice crafters are able to crank out whimsical, fun fall decorations with the help of this two-minute burlap wreath tutorial. Dress it up with some ribbons and mums and you’ll be all over this homemade crafting thing. Plus it will instantly signal to anyone walking through the door that your heart lies with fall, and fall alone.

Feel Fallish While You Eat with a Homemade Burlap Place Mat

A stylish and autumnal place setting is just a DIY away with these helpful burlap printing instructions from Two It Yourself. Use them to create a set of uber-unique place mats that will rival anything you can buy at Pottery Barn. If you’re new to fabric stenciling, you can use this guide from The Spruce to hit the ground running. You’ll be able to make all kinds of burlap accents, and your dinner guests will never guess that it all cost under $10!

Dress Up Your Table With This Tasseled Burlap Runner

Thanksgiving is pretty much peak fall, and it’ll be here closer than you think, so it’s never too early to start doing some planning. This handmade table runner from Sutton Place is practically dripping with fall charm and requires absolutely no sewing to make, earning it big ups in our book! Just imagine the turkey and all the fixings sitting on top of that. It practically makes your mouth water just thinking about it!

These projects should give you something to do on those cozy nights by the fire—in fact, there’s enough here to keep you busy all the way until peppermint mocha time. Until then, happy home decorating!

7 Elegant Ways to Use Textured Wallpaper in Your Home

Not every Victorian trend deserves a comeback—the world is definitely not ready for a resurgence of hair jewelry, for instance. But when it came to decorating their walls, those Victorians definitely had their frilly, ornate ducks in a row. Textured wallpaper, which hails from those days chandeliers and carved fainting couches, has undergone a revival of sorts lately, and rightly so! New high-quality patterns and easy-to-apply stick-on materials make today’s wallpapers functionally and visually superior to their predecessors—and a stunning wall covering option for homes of all stripes.

The textured wallpaper on offer today is so versatile, in fact, that it can even be used to face cabinets or give new life to dull ceilings, or to add a subtle decorative note to an old, dull end table. There are about a million ways you can manipulate it to imbue your interiors with a classy, historical and kingly verve. Below are some of our favorite ways enterprising homeowners have transformed this unique material in their spaces, giving dull surfaces a royal kick in the pants!

Victorian-inspired interior

Add Pop to a Painted Accent Wall

One of the best new features of the latest textured wall coverings is the ability to paint it in any color of your choosing. You can even get it un-primed so that you can stain it, if you so desire. The end result is a carved plaster effect that really dials up the elegance on your standard accent wall. For best results, choose a flat or low gloss paint and use a roller to ensure that the paint goes on evenly. Once it dries, you’ll have a truly standout feature wall for a living room or entryway!

Use It for a Super-Easy Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash is an ideal place to express your design point-of-view. And with about a million-and-one different textures and techniques out there, literally any kind of covering you can think of is fair game. Of course, installing one is hardly ever as fun as choosing the materials—which is why we’re in love with the idea of using vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper as an alternative to stones or tile. This stuff goes on fast and lets you embrace the ambiance of more sophisticated, expensive materials, like native stone, pressed tin or wood paneling. It definitely takes the sting out of doing the dishes!

Try It in a Bedroom for a Casual-Chic Headboard

Piggy-backing off the backsplash idea, this idea for a textured wallpaper headboard takes bedroom decor to the next level! The floral damask featured in this project looks lovely just as it is, but a headboard also makes a great setting for more modern styles as well. Try it with a paper featuring graceful grasscloth or weathered wood boards for an ultra-sophisticated place to prop your pillows. The perfect backdrop for dreaming!

Add It to the Ceiling for a Pressed Tin Look

Do you think ceilings ever get jealous of your home’s walls? After all, they’re usually the ones getting all the decorating, while your ceilings have to stare on mutely, quietly going about with their humdrum existence. Put an end to wall envy in your home and give your ceilings something to get excited about! Specifically, a faux tin covering like this one, made from textured wallpaper and metallic paint, will certainly make your ceilings shine—which is more than enough reason to look up every now and then!

Give Cabinets an Embossed, Intricate Facing

If you thought plain-Jane was a bad look for your ceilings, just think about what it does to your cabinets! Nearly three-fourths of all homes are afflicted with plain cabinet syndrome, which is definitely a real thing and not something we just made up for the purposes of this article. Sure, you could jazz them up a little bit with paint, but why not try something really unique and face them with textured wallpaper instead? Instantly transform a builder-grade kitchen into a virtual work of art. It’s the perfect cure for the common cabinet!

Hang It In Place of Wainscoting

A wainscoted wall oozes charm like nobody’s business, but it’s also got its downsides. For one thing, beadboard and other wood paneling doesn’t exactly fare that well in kitchens, bathrooms and other moisture-prone areas. Plus, it’s a pain-and-a-half to install. Luckily, textured wallpaper provides an apt substitute. Try it in beadboard, or go with a rich damask or Anaglypta, a print designed to mimic the decorative plasters popular during the Art Deco era. Now that was a time when people knew how to cover a wall!

Give Your Side Tables a Textured Kick

Want a home fit for royalty? Then you need to get seriously regal, right down to the tiniest touches. And that means no stone should go unturned, and no coffee tables undecorated! Use embossed wallpaper to add noble dignity to humble end tables and plain IKEA finds. It’s a super quick fix for aging pieces, and using it is basically like having a fairy godmother for your furniture.

All hail the queen of wall coverings! Long may it reign!