4 Neglected Parts of Your Home That Could Use Some TLC This Weekend

a light shining on a basement pipe

Owning a home is a bit of a mystery, when you think about it. You have all these hidden systems working to keep you clean, safe, and comfortable—half of which you don’t really think about until they go out. It’s those hidden heroes we’re here to talk about today. Your sump pump, quietly lying in […]

The Ultimate Smart Kitchen Showdown: Which Devices Are Worth It?

pot boiling on stove

Anything that makes kitchens more convenient is a welcome addition—which is what makes smart devices so enticing. These automated gadgets cut back on the time you spend slaving over the stove. They make complicated cookery a piece of cake, automatically producing sous vide entrees and the perfect cup of coffee without much interaction on your […]

5 Tips to Buff Up a Builder-Grade Kitchen

unique kitchen

Plain kitchen cabinets. Blank, boring islands. Basic, unadorned walls. While it’s great to have a home with a brand-new kitchen, builder-grade models don’t exactly shine with their own unique personality. They’re sort of the Starbucks of home decor: reliable and dependable, but not exactly what you want when you’re looking for something special. But don’t […]

9 Germ-Conquering, Clutter-Defeating Ways to Deep Clean Your Kitchen

water flowing from kitchen sink

As much as we wish it weren’t true, sometimes the kitchen needs a good purge. Baked-on grease, dusty pantries and cluttered counters aren’t just unsightly—they’re unsanitary, too! And since no one has yet perfected the self-cleaning kitchen, it’s up to you—with the help of a little elbow grease—to get the job done. Here are some […]

Do You Really Need to Change Your Fridge Water Filter?

lemon water in the window sill

Ah, the fridge water filter. One of those pesky little nuisances that every homeowner—or at least every homeowner with a modern fridge—just has to deal with. Every four to six months, there it is, burning like a red, painful reminder of what you had planned for that $40 you now have to spend on filters. […]