The Ultimate Smart Kitchen Showdown: Which Devices Are Worth It?

pot boiling on stove

Anything that makes kitchens more convenient is a welcome addition—which is what makes smart devices so enticing. These automated gadgets cut back on the time you spend slaving over the stove. They make complicated cookery a piece of cake, automatically producing sous vide entrees and the perfect cup of coffee without much interaction on your part.

That all sounds good on paper. But sometimes smart kitchen devices seem a lot neater in theory than they are in practice—just ask anyone involved in the Juicero debacle. If you don’t have $700 to spend on an overpriced juice box, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Today, we’ve picked out the ultimate list of WiFi-connected kitchen products—the kinds of devices that will have you marveling at technological progress, not regretting the money you just wasted on a useless new toy. Here’s the full 411.

pot boiling on stove

Best Smart Sous Vide

In case you haven’t heard the news, the latest trend to hit home cooking is sous vide. Smart precision cookers aren’t just for gearheads. These souped-up kitchen machines precisely measure water temperatures for chef quality cooking that really is as simple as “set it and forget it.” The WiFi and Bluetooth enabled Anova lets you adjust settings remotely, meaning you can check on your meal right from the couch. The Anova website even comes with tons of recipes to give you some inspiration—everything from sous vide scrambled eggs to chocolate flourless cake. You literally have hours of convenient cooking ahead of you.

Best Coffee Paraphernalia

Smart brewers are essentially the perfect marriage of elite coffee preparation and technology. Cutting-edge brewing equipment offers seamless control over your morning cup of joe. The Behmor Brewer Connected Coffee Maker gets top marks for taste, design and performance. This WiFi enabled maker is built with a companion app that allows you to brew a fresh cup straight from your bed—a feature that makes it worth any price, in our book. And the price tag matches conventional high end coffee makers, so if you’re looking to up your coffee making routine, there’s no reason not to go digital.

Best Gadget You Didn’t Know You Needed

No one wants to be stuck without toilet paper at home. Trouble is, you can never remember when it’s time to stock up. GeniCan can solve that unfortunate dilemma for you. This attractive garbage bin takes digital grocery lists to the next level. It scans and recognizes every item you throw in the trash to create a fully automated shopping list. All you have to do is pull up the app the next time you’re shopping and those memories of pitching the last toilet paper roll will come flooding back. Now there’s a piece of tech we could all use!

Best “Make My Life Easier” Device

Some days, the grocery store just seems like way too much work. Especially when you can avoid it altogether. Amazon’s dash buttons will allow you to do just that. You just select buttons for your favorite products, like toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, or one of the other hundreds of other branded household goods and toiletries available. Once you have the button, you can pair it with the app on your phone to program your product preferences (whether you need 6 rolls of toilet paper, say, or 36). Then all you have to do is press the button and you’re in business. Your product arrives on your doorstep within two days. Meanwhile, you never have to set foot in the grocery store!

Best Healthy Eating Tool

This is one product we’ve been waiting a long time for. Calorie counting is undoubtedly an effective way to monitor your eating. But manually weighing, tracking and logging every single condiment, side and meal component gets annoying after a while. SmartPlate, a smart nutrient tracker featured on Shark Tank, helps take some of the pain out of healthy eating. A special plate analyzes your food and gives you a breakdown of the calories and nutrients, then logs all the information on an app on your phone. It even creates personalized recommendations for better eating, so it’s basically like having a nutritionist sitting on your kitchen counter—but without, you know, having a human captive in your home.

What kitchen conundrums will smart devices take on next? Only time can tell for sure, but if they’re anything like these cool inventions, we have an exciting future to look forward to!

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